Exceptional asset quality and liquidity: Tys' Metrobank named strongest bank in PH

Exceptional asset quality and liquidity: Tys’ Metrobank named strongest bank in PH

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. of the Ty family was hailed as the bank with the strongest balance sheet in the Philippines in 2021 by The Asian Banker.

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The ranking was based on a detailed and transparent scorecard that ranks commercial banks on six areas of financial performance, including the ability to scale, balance sheet growth, risk profile, profitability, asset quality and liquidity.

While it performed well across these metrics, Metrobank was recognized for its exceptional asset quality and liquidity amidst the pandemic.

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“Compared to its peers in the Philippines, the winning bank showed stronger performance in capitalization and liquidity. Its capital adequacy ratio improved further from 17.5% in 2019 to 20.2% in 2020, while its liquid assets to total deposits and borrowings ratio rose to 54.5% from 31.5%,” said the Asian Banker, a premier finance and banking magazine.

“In addition, its loan loss reserves to non-performing loans ratio was the highest among its peers in the country, and it also had the second lowest gross NPL ratio, at 2.4%”, it noted.

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Proud of this recognition, Metrobank president Fabian S. Dee said the bank would maintain a “fortress balance sheet,” which is structured to support its business goals, maximize financial performance, and provide asset safety to its clients, regardless of any economic turbulence.

“We are particularly proud of this recognition, as the assessment covered not only the quality of our balance sheet and our competitive profile but perhaps more importantly, we were recognized for our commitment of keeping our customers and our people in good hands,” Dee said.

The award is part of The Asian Banker’s pioneering and most credible annual ranking analysis of all major banks in the Asia Pacific region.

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