NTC: Mobile number portability to ring in price war between Smart, Globe

NTC: Mobile number portability to ring in price war between Smart, Globe

The introduction of mobile number portability (MNP), which allows subscribers to switch providers without changing their phone numbers, is seen to unleash a full scale price war among mobile operators.

In a webinar, National Telecommunications Commission deputy commissioner Edgardo Cabarios said with number portability activated, mobile providers are expected to launch lower pricing and exclusive packages in order to retain their customers and grow their subscriber base.

Cabarios said MNP would increase the level of competition among mobile operators, and reward the best providers for their superior service.

“Ultimately, Filipino consumers stand to gain from the MNP Act implementation. Subscribers now have a choice to partner with a telecommunications provider they feel offers the best connectivity and customer experience possible,” Cabarios, said.

Service providers can focus their strategies on coming up with the best plans, bundles, and promos to gain customer loyalty based on current needs,” he added.

Richard Mathew Dimagiba, VP and head for Postpaid Marketing, said the implementation of the MNP Act ushers in exciting times for both the consumers and the different service providers for this country.

“This will push all of us to present more innovative, personalized services, and customer experience touchpoints that will elevate our engagements with new and current subscribers,” he said.

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