Hindy Weber welcomes newest member of family with open arms

Hindy Weber welcomes newest member of family with open arms

Hindy Weber is over the moon.

The fashion designer and mother just got to send off her eldest son Lucas Weber Tantoco to his wedding. The beautiful bride was Maxine Hayes Mejia and the two got married in Malmö, Sweden more than a month ago.

“Everyone is asking us how we feel because he’s our first born and still relatively young, as if this milestone event were something to be wary of.

Commitment is not meant to be easy. It’s meant to be rewarding in ways that unfold slowly but surely, and often unexpectedly. Most of all, to celebrate finding someone to love and love you back is bliss! And so we feel nothing but joy that these two have found each other and have committed to grow together. Lucas’s siblings can’t contain their excitement. They are so happy to have a new older sister. And we are now blessed to call the Hayes-Mejias FAMILY,” Hindy wrote in the caption of her post for the two lovebirds.

Hindy left friends and followers with a cute trivia about the fishing theme of the wedding invitation.

Apparently, Lucas loves sports fishing and Maxine, out of all the fish he has caught, was and will always be his best catch.

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