Ayalas take cue from NTC: Globe to run after illegal repeater sellers

Ayalas take cue from NTC: Globe to run after illegal repeater sellers

Globe Telecom Inc. has warned the public against the sale and use of illegal repeaters or devices that boost internet signals as they interfere with telco services.

According to the Ayala-led telco, the use of illegal boosters and jammers result in poor connections, dropped calls, voice quality issues and even loss of cellphone signals.

The National Telecommunications Commission has prohibited the sale of these devices since 2013. But many vendors still manage to sell these devices in online shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee.

“While we continue to expand our network to deliver first-world connectivity to Filipinos, these efforts will be hindered if illegal repeaters remain in use and will continue to interfere with and degrade mobile network communications,” said Emmanuel Estrada, Globe head of Technology and Strategy Service Integration.

Globe conducts routine scanning for these illegal devices, and provides its results to the NTC for the regulator’s appropriate action.

It urged its customers to report suspected users or sellers of illegal repeaters and jammers so the telco can investigate and shut down these illegal devices with the help of the NTC.

“We all need to use communications networks ethically and responsibly, especially in these times when a stable connection is imperative for every customer,” Estrada said.

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