MPT Mobility: Metro Pacific forms new company for non-toll related businesses

MPT Mobility: Metro Pacific forms new company for non-toll related businesses

Business confidence is slowly returning and corporations are seizing the opportunity by harnessing new digital technologies to create new revenue streams.

Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. has set up a new company, MPT Mobility Inc. to house seven business units offering digitally-driven solutions.

Among the companies under MPT Mobilty’s wings are Dibz, a mobile app that allows you to search for or reserve a parking space; Spot On Advertising, which provides business community with OOH (out of home) advertising opportunities; NLEX Drive and Dine, a toll service facility which hosts some of the most popular fast foods and restaurants and One Hub, a centralized customer response organization that responds to service concerns in all the digital touchpoints of MPTC.

Other businesses that will fall under newly-established holding company are Southbend Express Services Inc., an outsourced full-service solution company; and Easytrip Services Corp., an electronic toll collection system.

“MPT Mobility is the primary organization that we set up to pursue new revenue streams outside of our heritage expressway business while improving customer experience. So, those are the twin objectives that we want to meet,’ MPTC president Rodrigo Franco said in a virtual briefing.

Franco sad MPT Mobility would play a key role in transforming some of the group’s “digital ideas into actual products and services.”

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