Europe airlines call for US date for flight resumption
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Europe airlines call for US date for flight resumption

Europe’s airlines on Wednesday urged the US authorities to provide a date for the reopening of its borders to vaccinated passengers and for an agreed list of recognised vaccines.

US President Joe Biden announced last month that the US would reopen its borders to passengers vaccinated against Covid from November, in particular from the Europen Union.

But Airlines for Europe (A4E) said in a statement they were still waiting for a date, in a statement issued following a meeting of industry leaders in Brussels.

“A clear date for the reopening is urgently needed, together with an alignment of transatlantic travel rules,” said the statement.

Washington also needed to recognise the Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) developed by the European Union, a system that had become the “de factor global standard”, the statement added.

“A common approach between the EU and the US is paramount to provide clarity and ensure passenger confidence,” said Thomas Reynaert, A4E’s managing director.

The group called on US officials to agree a list of approved vaccines, urging them to take the WHO-approved vaccine list as the working basis for future talks.

One sticking point is that the US authorities have not yet cleared the AstraZeneca vaccine, widely used in European countries.

European airlines such as Air France, KLM and Lufthansa have been deprived of a large part of their business because of the 18-month shutdown in transatlantic flights.

Flights to North America account for 40 percent of Air France’s turnover. (AFP)

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