Kim Henares shares why presidential aspirant Ping Lacson has her vote

Kim Henares shares why presidential aspirant Ping Lacson has her vote

We all know who Kim Jacinto-Henares is voting for in the 2022 elections.

The former BIR commissioner received backlash after she expressed her support for presidential candidate Ping Lacson.

She did not feel the need to explain because as she says, it’s her right to choose who she’ll be voting for as a registered voter.

Kim still wanted to share the thought process behind her decision to support the senator.

“I believe the next President will be inheriting and facing a lot of problems/challenges. More than what PNoy had to face. Therefore, we need someone who can hit the ground running, who has a clear vision on what he/she wants to do and has a clear plan on how to go about achieving this, and who can instill discipline in the bureaucracy (that has run wild),” she said.

She then broke it down to five points: (1) Senator Lacson has a clear idea about the budget process; (2) he’ll bring back the public-private partnership program of PNoy; (3) he will make laws and regulations less restrictive to make it easy for people to comply; (4) he’ll implement a real digitalization of the government process and (5) he is strong enough and also statesmanlike to fight for our sovereign rights against China.

His clear plans convinced Kim to vote for him in the coming elections.

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