Aurora Pijuan claps back at basher: Google me!

Aurora Pijuan claps back at basher: Google me!

Miss International 1970 Aurora Pijuan had a short but sharp response when a basher questioned what she has done for the country besides expressing her opinion.

Pijuan got triggered when fellow vocal government critic Beth Angsioco recounted how someone bashed them online saying they are all talk but no action for the people.

To shut that hater up, Angsioco said she sent her complete curriculum vitae with all her projects and accomplishments to the person with the retort: “eh ikaw?”

Pijuan handled it quite differently.

“Someone texted me a similar thing a couple of years ago. I texted back. ‘Anong nagawa ko? Google me!’ hehe!,” the former wife of Tommy Manotoc said. “It’s more fun to make light of the situation.”

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