Netizens shocked over exorbitant prices at #SaltBae London restaurant

Several years ago, Turkish chef Nusret Gokce became a viral sensation because of the way he salted his meats, earning him the monicker #SaltBae.

The chef once again became the subject of attention when a customer in his Nusret restaurant shared the price tag for a dinner he had at Salt Bae’s London restaurant.

According to a customer who visited Salt Bae’s London location, the meal set him back a total of £1,812 but what cost the most was the Tomahawk streak which was priced at £630.

Other netizens also noticed that two bottles of Coke cost £18 and four bottles of Red Bull
priced att £44. Red Bull normally costs £28.99 per pack of 24.

They joked that at the rate the London branch was charging, it would have been cheaper to
fly to Turkey to eat at the original restaurant.

Many were appalled that a service charge was added on top of the food’s price considering
they were already overpriced.