Mark Nicdao clarifies real score between him and Bree Jonson: She was my teacher and bestfriend

Following the death of artist Bree Jonson, well-known celebrity photographer Mark Nicdao paid tribute to the talented painter by posting photos and videos of themselves.

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This got many to think that the two were more than friends.

To set things straight, Mark said Bree was not his lover, but his teacher and bestfriend. What they had was more powerful than labels.

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“I failed in all my past girlfriends. I failed being the best for them.. Bree healed all that sadness thru art, books, writers, movies and music. I did not pursue her bec im afraid ill just fail. Our friendship healed a lot of my shit,” Mark said on his Instagram account.

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He asked everyone to be kind and understanding, especially at this difficult time. The malicious comments are not helping him to cope, or anyone at all.


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