Bree Jonson's friends warned her against going steady with Julian Ongpin: ' He's a bad guy'

Bree Jonson’s friends warned her against going steady with Julian Ongpin: ‘ He’s a bad guy’

The mother of painter Bree Jonson revealed that her daughter’s friends did not trust her new boyfriend, Julian Ongpin, the son of bilyonaryo and Marcos Trade Minister Roberto V. Ongpin.

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“Alam mo yung mga friends ni Trixie (nickname of Bree), noong nalaman nila she’s going with Julian, everybody was warning Bree: He’s a bad guy,” said Sally Jonson in an emotional interview with ANC’s Karen Davila.

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“I’m sorry to say that, I had to use that word. It was just information given to me,”she added.

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Bree died on September 18 after being unconscious in a room she shared with Julian at Flotsam and Jetsam hostel in San Juan, La Union. Julian was charged for drug possession after police found cocaine in his room on September 19 but he was later released despite the non-bailable case. Bree’s autopsy started only on September 20 and police are still waiting for the results.

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Sally, who arrived from Canada on September 20, said she did not communicate every day with Bree because she fully trusted her 30-year old daughter to take care of herself.

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The last time they talked, she was concerned about her daughter contracting COVID because she knew they were both prone to allergies. “Last na sagot nya sa akin, wala siyang sipon,” in an interview with OnePH News

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She said a friend of Bree’s was the first to inform her about the death of her child that same morning while in the company of her boyfriend, Julian.

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“Walang nakuwento sa akin na may BF siya but you know how children are, they hide things from you,” said Sally.

Sally has yet to see her daughter’s body because she has to stay in the hotel for the minimum five-day quarantine period. Her ex-husband and sister are in La Union dealing with police matters.

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