Bree Jonson's dad wants to file homicide or murder charges: Mom to focus on daughter's autopsy before talking about Julian Ongpin's release

Bree Jonson’s dad wants to file homicide or murder charges: Mom to focus on daughter’s autopsy before talking about Julian Ongpin’s release

The family of the late Bree Jonson has yet to decide what charges would be filed against the son of bilyonaryo Roberto V. Ongpin who was with the 30-year old artist when she was found unconscious in a room with cocaine on September 18.

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“According to my ex-husband, ang i-fafile is murder or homicide,” said Jonson’s mother, Sally, in an interview with One News.

Sally had just arrived from Canada on Monday but has to wait for at least five days for the mandatory quarantine before she can see her daughter who they call “Trixie.”

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She said her ex-husband and sister were in La Union waiting for the autopsy of Bree. She admitted getting frustrated that three days had gone by without the autopsy being performed.

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Sally doesn’t want to make accusations just yet but she thinks the circumstances surrounding the death of her daughter are damning.

“Siyempre yun ang maiisip mo, sila ‘yung huling magkasamang huli. Sino ba ang nagreport sa hospital kung ‘di siya, ‘di ba? Ayaw ko magakusa pero alam mo siya ‘yung huling kasama. ‘Di ko masabing sangkot pero nandoon siya noong nangyari ‘yun, mahirap kasi ding magsabi,” said Sally.

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Sally said it was a friend of Bree who told her that her daughter passed away that morning. She was told Bree was with a boyfriend in La Union but she didn’t know her daughter was in a relationship.

“Alam mo may mga nakarating sa amin ng balita regarding sa release ni Mister Ongpin pero syempre kami, quiet lang muna kami. Pinaka objective namin magawa ang autopsy from then on, we will decide or plan on our end what to do,” she said.

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She planned to hold a two-day wake for Trixie in Quezon City before flying her body to their hometown in Davao.

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According to law enforcement officials, Bree and Julian arrived at the resort Friday. Bree was found unconscious at 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

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