Expensive Met gala food go viral for looking inedible

Expensive Met gala food go viral for looking inedible

Vogue’s Met Gala host Keke Palmer may have only wanted to give fans a glimpse behind the scenes of the lavish fundraising event but she accidentally caused a massive Twitter storm after the public found out what type of food was served at the event.

With the tickets costing $30-000 to $50,000, fans were expecting celebrities in attendance to be dining in the seat of luxury. After seeing Keke’s post, they were quickly disillusioned.

Many Twitter users called the dinner event a scam and likened the event to the infamous Fyre festival where celebs and fans were duped alike into promoting a luxurious music festival that served guests boxed sandwiches instead of high end meals they were promised.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users were simply shaking their heads, saying that their regular dinners looked more edible than the meals the celebs were having.

Check out Fyre Festival on Twitter and you get this parade of Met Gala related tweets.

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