Syblings to spend P150M to upgrade 2Go’s operations

Syblings to spend P150M to upgrade 2Go’s operations

2GO, the country’s largest integrated logistics and transportation provider, has earmarked P150 million for the modernization of its operations to keep up with the demand in the new normal.

The money will be used to procure new technology that enhances efficiency, speeds up processing times, and allows scalability while improving reliability.

Investments in automated sorting machines in its hub facilities will now facilitate the processing of more than 140,000 parcels a day, ensuring faster delivery of parcels to consumers.

2GO Express also deployed innovative transport management systems to allow real time tracking of shipments and to lower costs.

With the implementation of GPS-enabled trucks, 2GO is now able to offer a transport control tower solution that further provides the ability to track deliveries real time to increase reliability.

For its distribution business, the company is enhancing demand planning systems to aid in forecasting and in ensuring the availability of goods on the shelves of retail partners.

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