ePLDT to corporations: Beef up cybersecurity

ePLDT to corporations: Beef up cybersecurity

ePLDT Inc. is urging local businesses to step up their cybersecurity defenses amid the surge in digital transactions amid the pandemic.

“There is a need for the further strengthening of cybersecurity among businesses, especially now that cybercriminals are taking advantage of our non-standard operating mode and our increased reliance on digital platforms,” said Marilene Tayag, chief information security officer of ePLDT, the ICT arm of PLDT.

Based on a report from Kaspersky Security Network, cybersecurity threats in the Philippines jumped by 59 percent with over 44.4 million detections for 2020 alone, and over 7,000 companies encountering ransomware attacks.

One of the top cyber threats is ransomware, a type of malicious software that threatens to publish a victim’s personal data, or make use of encryption to block access, or hold hostage the victim’s files until a sum of money is paid.

Tayag said ePLDT has been boosting its cybersecurity solutions to assist organizations in solidifying their data protection capabilities.

Among the services provided by ePLDT Security Operations Center (SOC) include cybersecurity consulting for identifying possible threats, incident response, and managed security for various security solutions suited for the needs of businesses.

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