Enjoy a perfect day with Boulangerie22

Enjoy a perfect day with Boulangerie22

How do you start your day right?

Have a hearty breakfast, sustain it with a delicious lunch and keep your mood up all the way to dinner with these amazing offerings from Boulangerie22.

For breakfast, Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Bread with Bacon and Eggs will kick off your day perfectly.

Grilled cheese levels up so well with Mozzarella Honey Garlic Butter Loaf

Shredded chicken breast, with mayonaisse, white onion, pickles, salt and pepper in Boulangerie22’s Hokkaido Milk Rolls? Yes please.

Light and airy Japanese Cheesecake topped with fresh Parmesan cream…. Japanese Custard Cream Cheese Bread…. Korean Custard Cream Cheese Bread – its a confirmation that you’ve entered cheese heaven.

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