Smoking out POGO staff houses: Ayala Alabang Villages tightens car sticker applications

Smoking out POGO staff houses: Ayala Alabang Villages tightens car sticker applications

The Ayala Alabang Village Association (AAVA) is tightening the noose on homeowners and tenants who have converted their houses into staff houses for Chinese nationals working for Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO).

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After suspending the renewal of existing lease agreements and move-in permits for mainland Chinese tenants, AAVA is now tightening the distribution of car stickers “to eliminate illegal staff houses inside the village.”

In a message to residents, AAVA president Jaime dela Rosa said: “In line with our goal of eliminating the POGO staff houses in the village, we will implement a more stringent screening process for all (2021 vehicle sticker) applications.”

“In addition, if there is evidence of a violation of the Nuclear Family Rule, AAVA will not issue vehicle stickers to said applicants,” dela Rosa added.

Based on a survey of residents last July, AAVA agreed to retain at a maximum of five cars the number of vehicles a household would be allowed to get “free” stickers (or at a “cost recovery” fee of P200 each).

AAVA raised the sticker fees for households registering more than five vehicles, with a range of P6,000 for the sixth vehicle to P10,000 for the 26th (and up) vehicle.

The plush village south of Metro Manila decided to adopt these strict measures amid rising complaints from residents about Chinese tenants being packed in a single house (AAVA has a single-family dwelling restriction), behaving rudely, and violating curfew and traffic rules during the quarantine.

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