Kris Aquino does her best to protect family from COVID-19

Kris Aquino does her best to protect family from COVID-19

Kris Aquino might just have 18 lives.

Well, she and son Bimby wish they do. Kris shared on Instagram that Bimby has asthma while she has always been open to having her autoimmune issues.

“Since August, 2020 we’ve had a total of 8 direct exposures sa staff living with us – some na very close contact- who all tested positive for Covid-19. Swerte si kuya Josh our Tarlac resident, 6 of the 8 instances he was in Alto,” she narrated.

Kris has always been cautious, especially that she has comorbidities. She takes vitamins and supplements and makes sure everything is always disinfected. There are air filters, sanitizers, disinfectants, and anti-bacterial products at home.

She has also always been strict with hygiene. “i’m especially focused on taking extra care of my skin and siempre my voice, throat, and teeth – aware kaming “puhunan” ko and “kabuhayan” namin,” she wrote.

“Honest lang, hindi mo pwedeng iasa sa iba ang kalusugan mo at ng pamilya mo. Right now the odds are against us, so i’m doing everything i can to fortify myself and everyone with us,” Kris said.

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