Zobel-owned PIOPIO bids goodbye

Zobel-owned PIOPIO bids goodbye

Goodbyes are never easy.

PIOPIO was started way back in 2017 by Paloma Urquijo Zobel, Ina Estacio and Therese Tiosejo. Their goal has always been to provide a platform for traditional Filipino artisans that will reinstate the importance of Filipino art.

After almost four years, PIOPIO has decided to close shop, or hit pause for the time being. It addressed its clientele slash family on an Instagram open letter.

“We would like to begin with a big thank you for your amazing support and encouragement over the last years. What was born out of a personal passion and excitement for Filipino art, culture, and artisanal tradition snowballed into a community beyond our wildest imagination – one of like-minded, fun, and colorful individuals brought together by a shared purpose of supporting our local artisans and keeping our history alive,” the letter began.

“We began PIOPIO as a way to connect our treasured local weavers with a consumer base that would appreciate and enjoy their craft as much as we did. With the current health situation today, we are finding it difficult to produce and move our items without jeopardizing the true value of the product and protecting our weavers and retail team alike,” it continued.

COVID-19 has been difficult for the brand to say the least. “We are so proud and grateful to have been part of an effort to put local textiles back on the map. While this chapter of PIOPIO may be over we encourage you to continue buying directly from weaving communities,” PIOPIO said.

The brand will stay live online until end of September. It will also be accepting custom orders or offers from remaining stock on the website and @piopio_tindahan.

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