Japan agency affirms A minus credit rating on PH

Japan agency affirms A minus credit rating on PH

Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCRA) on Monday affirmed its A- rating with a stable outlook on the Philippines, citing government measures to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on the economy.

“The ratings mainly reflect the country’s high and sustainable economic growth performance underpinned by solid domestic demand, its reliance to external shocks supported by an external debt kept low relative to GDP (gross domestic product) and the accumulation of foreign exchange reserves, the government’s solid fiscal position, and sound banking sector,” JCRA said in a statement.

The rating affirmation came nearly 15 months after JCRA upgraded its ratings on the Philippines to A- on June 11, 2020 on the belief that the economy would be able to weather the impact of the virus-induced pandemic.

In its report, the Japan-based debt watcher said the recovery of economic activities is delayed as a result of movement restrictions needed to address the further spread of Covid-19, especially given the more contagious Delta variant.

“However, the government has been swiftly implementing adequate measures such as increased public health-related expenditure, acceleration of vaccination, and continuation of employment program(s) by drawing upon its relatively strong fiscal position before the pandemic,” it said.

The credit rater said it “does not consider that the fiscal soundness will be impaired because while the fiscal deficit has widened, the support package at this time is backed by appropriate fiscal policies and the government debt will remain comparatively subdued.” (PNA)

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