SMC to turn Bulacan into a green city with planned P740B airport
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SMC to turn Bulacan into a green city with planned P740B airport

San Miguel Corp. is taking sustainability to new heights as it integrates the best practices in green, sustainable, and disaster-resilient architecture into its massive aerocity project.

Located in Bulakan, Bulacan, the P740 billion New Manila International Airport is seen to be a pacesetter for green cities that are both sustainable and equitable, according to the country’s top urban planner and green architect Felino “Jun” Palafox Jr.

Palafox Associates has been tapped by SMC to help masterplan its airport plus city concept.

SMC president and COO Ramon S. Ang said the project would be a legacy project, not just of him and Palafox, but of the present generation to future generations of Filipinos.

“I want to emphasize to our countrymen that what we are building is more than just an international gateway with four runways, with an infrastructure network to connect it directly to Metro Manila and many other points in Luzon. The airport is just one component– what we’re building is the Philippines’ first truly green city of the future,” Ang said.

Ang also cited the significant economic impact the project would have on the country and the Filipino people.

“Airport cities around the world generate a significant amount of jobs, and that is ultimately what we want to do. We need jobs and opportunities for our countrymen today, but more importantly, for the next generation in the coming years, especially since we are trying to recover from a pandemic,” Ang said.

“The jobs we will generate will not be limited to the airport city, or Bulacan province alone, but will extend to neighboring provinces, the rest of Luzon, and many other parts of the country which will benefit from increased tourism, increased investments because of better accessibility,” he added.

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