Only 1 show in Top 20: GMA still a bust outside PH as ABS-CBN’s TFC dominates the rest of the world

GMA’s international arm , Pinoy TV, remained a big flop as sales (subscription and syndication) tanked 14 percent year on year to P455 million in the first six months of 2021. This is the second straight year Pinoy TV has fallen after dropping 12 percent in the first half last year.

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Both subscription and syndication revenues of Pinoy TV fell and this was aggravated by the strong peso (up five percent or P2.27 to a dollar).

The company blamed Pinoy TV’s woeful performance to the “presence of alternative media especially in the digital platform (as) a major factor for the shift in consumer/subscriber preference.”

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What GMA did not say is that Filipinos overseas still prefer watching shows of ABS-CBN’s TFC over Pinoy TV even after the Lopez franchise expired in May 2020.

Based on July 2021 data of TV analytics provider Comscore (released by ABS-CBN), Pinoy TV had only one show among the top 20 TV programs among Filipino subscribers with the countdown dominated by TFC shows.

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Pinoy TV’s best show, “Pusong Pinoy Sa Amerika”, ranked 17th on the list.

Comscore said TFC was seen in over 193,000 households with 58 hours of viewing each home versus Pinoy TV’s 159,000 households with 42 hours of viewing each home

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