Take that jab! Joey Concepcion: Vaccination is every Filipino’s obligation
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Take that jab! Joey Concepcion: Vaccination is every Filipino’s obligation

Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion is stepping up the pressure on Filipinos to get vaccinated after the Department of Health confirmed the local transmission of the highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19.

In his July 23 Philippine Star column, Concepcion said unvaccinated Filipinos stand in the way of economic recovery.

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“I reiterate my appeal to all Filipino citizens: we cannot win the war; we bought the vaccines, but if you do not take the vaccines, then we will not be able to succeed in beating COVID-19. It is your obligation to take the vaccines so you can protect yourself and others,” the bilyonaryo said in his Philippine Star column.

“There is no discrimination involved at this point because there is a choice to get vaccinated. If there are enough supplies of vaccines and you have a choice to opt for them, why will there be any discrimination involved? It is a conscious choice,” he added.

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Now that other Asian countries are suffering infection surges due to the Delta variant, Concepcion said people better take the hint.

“It is crystal-clear for the unvaccinated to be convinced since they are the weakest link at this point in our society. We can utilize every chance we can get just to do so; we can either convince them through promos and other strategies. The national government will eventually deplete its resources,” Concepcion said.

“Yes, I respect the rights of everybody and the choices they make. However, they also have to think of us, who are already fully-vaccinated. Are we going to implement lockdown again to quell the Delta variant? We have to rethink.”

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