Good riddance! Canon’s brand ambassador quits as gender issue heats up
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Good riddance! Canon’s brand ambassador quits as gender issue heats up

A Filipino photojournalist has ended his years-long partnership with Canon Philippines as a brand ambassador over the absence of female representation in the company’s endorsements.

Jilson Tiu said Canon Philippines’ decision to include only male photographers in its lineup of brand ambassadors was the “tipping point” that prompted him to end his deal with the company.

No apologies: Canon PH ain’t changing all-male lineup of ambassadors despite flak

“To be honest I do not know what’s happening inside. I am seeing the same window as you. As of today, I am dropping my ambassadorship with Canon Philippines, it’s been a long time coming (3 years) and this is the tipping point,” he said in a now viral Facebook post.

“I love Canon cameras, so far, it’s been my partner for a decade of my photography career. What I don’t like is they didn’t apologize for the mistake that they’ve done. They should make up for it and apologize publicly,” Tiu added.

While the millennial photographer has no plans of ditching his Canon gear anytime soon, he said he’s done promoting a brand that doesn’t align with his principles.

“Paalam at salamat, magkaiba tayo ng daan na nilalakaran,” Tiu added.

Canon Philippines’ roster of brand ambassadors comprise of 11 male photographers (including Tiu) who have made a mark in their respective fields.

After drawing flak over the absence of female ambassadors, the company said it supports camera enthusiasts and content creators “regardless of gender, culture, customs, language or race.”

Who run the world? Canon PH draws flak over ‘sausage fest’ lineup of ambassadors

There was no mention of any female photographer’s inclusion as brand ambassador, though leaked emails showed Canon Philippines planned to launch a list of “lady shooters.”

The brand also did not apologize for its failure to be gender inclusive.

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