Ben Farrales grandniece tops Wack-Wack Golf Club election but gets seat only after JV Ejercito quits all-male board
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Ben Farrales grandniece tops Wack-Wack Golf Club election but gets seat only after JV Ejercito quits all-male board

PR practitioner Leana F. Carmona was the top vote-getter in the recent election of directors of Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club.

But a Babbler said the grandniece of the late, Filipino fashion designer Ben Farrales was only able to get a seat on the all-male board after former senator JV Ejercito resigned.

Ejercito tendered his irrevocable resignation on July 21 because he did not want to be “part of a board that is clouded by suspicions of alleged fraud during the elections.”

“Retaining a seat in the board is not worth sacrificing my principles for,” said Ejercito who called for new elections to “dispel doubts and suspicions.”

But the Wack-Wack board was not only swift in debunking Ejercito’s view on the June 27 elections, it also moved to appoint Carmona as his replacement in a July 23 board meeting.

In a letter furnished by our Babbler, Wack-Wack Golf corporate secretary Victoriano Y. Borromeo said all members in the annual meeting were aware that there was no quorum because only 122 members were in attendance, well below the 200 threshold under the Club’s by-laws.

“This lack of quorum was noted by everyone present and was confirmed by our independent auditors. There is no ‘suspicion’ whatsoever, and any claim to the contrary unfairly maligns the board and the Nomelec, who have always conducted their affairs validly, openly, and honestly,” Borromeo said.

Borromeo also clapped back at Ejercito for casting doubts on the Club’s affairs.

“We feel bad about the mere 33 votes you received out of the possible 7,488 votes. It might have been harder for our members to cast their votes, or they may have simply lost interest to do so due to the pandemic since you yourself neither cast your vote nor sent your proxy,” Borromeo said.

“Judging by the 795 votes she (Carmona) received, her appointment would be more in keeping with who the members actually wish to represent them in the board,” said Borromeo.

This is the full tally of the Wack-Wack Club voting:

* Leana F. Carmona – 795

* president Lawrence Tan – 774

* VP Benjamin Abalos Sr. – 684

* director Pablo Soon – 505

* treasurer Eddie T. Gobing – 487

* corporate secretary Victoriano Borromeo – 483

*director Virgilio Co – 483

* director Frederick Chan – 463

* Michael Eric Apelario Ong – 463

* director JV Ejercito – 33

* Emiliano Sy Jr. – 10

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