Who run the world? Canon PH draws flak over ‘sausage fest’ lineup of ambassadors
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Who run the world? Canon PH draws flak over ‘sausage fest’ lineup of ambassadors

Canon Philippines is under fire on social media for choosing an all-male lineup to endorse its products.

Eleven men formed Canon’s 2021 “Crusaders of light,” which included the likes of wedding photographer Pat Dy, photojournalist Jilson Tiu, and travel photographer Per-Andre Hoffman.

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach led the clamor for female representation.

“No hate to the chosen ambassadors but wala ba talagang room for inclusivity? How were the ambassadors chosen? Based on what? Not hating on the ambassadors but the marketing team should fix this asap,” she said in a comment on Canon’s official Instagram page. “Kasi di rin magandang tingnan para sa ambassadors nila. Im sure (and hope🤞) not all of them agree with this kind of narrative.”

Influencer Macoy Dubs added: “This is so sad of you, @canonphils.”

Others went as far as calling for a boycott, saying they won’t buy any more Canon gadgets –– the exact opposite of what the campaign was supposed to do.

Netizens are baffled as to why Canon seems deaf about the call for female representation.

“300 comments on the previous post and really nobody read the room?,” a netizen asked.

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