No apologies: Canon PH ain’t changing all-male lineup of ambassadors despite flak
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No apologies: Canon PH ain’t changing all-male lineup of ambassadors despite flak

Canon Philippines has shrugged off mounting criticisms among showbiz icons and woke netizens who called out its “male-centric” roster of photography ambassadors for 2021.

An all-male roster of 11 professional photographers – including one foreigner – made it to the camera brand’s “Crusaders of Light” list for Manila as they hope to spur purchases and further the hobby among Filipinos.

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Ironically, the campaign exploded on their faces as they were crucified for removing the female gaze.

Canon issued a non-apology statement which it hoped will pacify critics, but did the opposite.

“We abide by our Canon Group Philosophy of ‘Kyosei,’ which is living and working together for the common good. Canon Marketing Philippines Inc., supports camera enthusiasts and content creators regardless of gender, culture, customs, language, or race,” it said in a statement issued early Wednesday (July 21).

Canon said its brand ambassadorship “is continuously growing and always welcomes more members who are interested and committed.”

“We are listening. Our activities have just kick started and based on your valuable feedback, we will enhance your experience with us,” it added.

Netizens aren’t at the very least satisfied with Canon’s response to the issue.

“Amazing how you used a whole bunch of words just to end up saying nothing,” writer Gabbie Tatad said.

“Maybe delete this one and try again?,” US-based photographer Benj Haisch added.

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