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Dahil sa hotdog: Lucio Tan’s son Timmy gets taste of Tulfo justice

Timmy Tan, the son of bilyonaryo Lucio Tan, is in hot water after he was caught on video ordering to have his maid shot for cooking hotdog.

The maid, Rocelle Siay, recorded Timmy on video berating and threatening her.

The video, played on Raffy Tulfo’s show, “Idol in Action,” showed a furious Timmy confronting Siay. Though the younger Tan’s words were inaudible, the caption indicated he wanted Siay to leave the house.

“Kunin mo gamit niya!” Timmy said.

Speaking to someone, the younger Tan added: “India, barilin mo ito! Kunin mo gamit niya! Ngayon na!”

Siay told Tulfo that she angered Timmy by cooking hotdog for his girlfriend, who was staying in what she described as a “mansion.”

She said the girlfriend would always have dinner at 7:30 p.m. and the food Siay cooked will be brought to her on the second floor by the other maids.

The catch: Timmy wanted his girlfriend to eat leftovers from meals he had with his other girlfriends, who also visited the mansion but didn’t stay long.

“Para daw maubos na. Sayang lang daw yung pagkain. Mabuti na lang daw po yung tira-tira,” Siay explained.

“‘Yung tira-tira, mga pagkain yun noong ka-dinner niya yung ibang babae niya pa. Ipapaakyat sa taas,” she added.

Timmy’s girlfriend, however, wasn’t fond of meat so Siay cooked hotdog and scrambled eggs.

It’s unclear if Siay always cooked hotdog or only on the fateful day Timmy discovered what his girlfriend’s meal was.

“Gusto niya yung mga simpleng pagkain lang daw. Ayaw niya ng meat kaya yun ang naisip ko: Scrambled egg tsaka hotdog,” Siay said.

The maid said Timmy learned about what she cooked when he called his girlfriend and asked her what her meal was.

“Nagalit yung boss ko, tinawagan ako sa service phone. Minura niya po ako. Nagmumura siya, nagso-sorry ako,” Siay said.

The maid said she decided to record Timmy berating her because it was allegedly not the first time he shouted at his househelp.

“‘Yung mga unang kasambahay ganoon na ginagawa niya, nambabato siya, kaya po sa ano ko po nag-video ako patago,” Siay said.

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