He's on fire! Gozon sold P27M GMA shares at close to intra-day high in June

He’s on fire! Gozon sold P27M GMA shares at close to intra-day high in June

Bilyonaryo Felipe L. Gozon is not only a good manager and lawyer, he is also proving to be a master sniper in the stock market.

The GMA Network chairman and CEO consistently sold at GMA’s intra-day high while the media giant’s shares broke its all-time high several times last month.

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Gozon sold a total of P27 million worth of GMA stocks in four days at selling prices just a whisker off the price peak during the day..

On June 18, Gozon sold 681,500 GMA shares at an average of P12.5394 each which was 3.4 percent off the intra-day high of P12.98.

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On June 21, Gozon unloaded 179,600 GMA shares at an average price of P12.7328 each, just .1 percent shy of the intra-day high of P12.86.

On June 22, Gozon disposed of 482,400 shares at an average of P13.7074 each, 1.7 percent below the intra-day high of P13.94.

On June 23, Gozon offloaded 656,600 shares at P14.1269, just 1.8 percent lower than the intra-day high of P14.38.

GMA was not only on fire, even its biggest shareholder was on a roll!

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