What’s in a name? Joey Concepcion aims for ‘micro-herd immunity’ in offices
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What’s in a name? Joey Concepcion aims for ‘micro-herd immunity’ in offices

Joey Concepcion is setting smaller but attainable goals so that more businesses can return to normal and operate in pre-pandemic levels again.

The Go Negosyo founder and Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship is now gunning for “micro-herd immunity,” where portions of office buildings and business establishments are said to present the slightest to no risk of COVID-19 transmission.

“As 80 percent is the ideal percentage of vaccinated individuals for herd immunity to be obtained against COVID-19, we will set up safe spaces at operational establishments with at least 80 percent of their employees already vaccinated,” Concepcion wrote in his July 8 Philippine Star column.

“We have seen safe spaces as an approach that would provide an additional layer of safety for everyone and even create what we call as ‘micro-herd immunity’… Safe spaces is an approach to achieve herd immunity in the workplace.”

He defined these safe spaces as areas that would stop virus transmission, the spread of new variants, and indirect provision of immunity even to those who have not taken the jab.

Curious? Concepcion said he will lead a webinar on this new concept on July 9, Friday, at 9 a.m. through Zoom.

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