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Gordon Ramsay is demoted to daughter Tilly’s TikTok assistant

He doesn’t forgive mistakes easily on Kitchen Nightmares.

But it is surprising to see how laid back the father of four is to his children.

In one video, his eldest Matilda pranked him by splashing his face with water and breaking an egg on his head before scurrying away.

He even did a TikTok with his daughter about choosing their food preferences.

He supports Matilda’s TikTok exploits by “assisting” her in the kitchen with well timed addition of pepper to her dish.

But when you watch the videos, you’ll hardly believe that it’s the same guy who yells his head off at substandard cooking.

Incidentally, Matilda or Tilly, takes after her dad when it comes to her passion for cooking, hosting her own show on BBC.

Although she once teasingly said that she preferred her mom’s cuisine over her dad’s.


Guess who’s cooking I prefer ?? @gordonramsayofficial ##fyp

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