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Heart of Dinner preps 200 pounds of salmon to feed elderly Asian New Yorkers

Even though hate crimes against Asians in the US have grown quite alarming in recent months, its not all bad news all the time because there are also many groups who are supportive of the Asian community.

In New York, Heart of New York is an organization that prepares hot meals for elderly Asian New Yorkers.

The group, founded by Chef Moonlynn Tsai and her partner Yin Chang relies on food donations from the NY restaurant community to feed their beneficiaries.

In one of their videos for Easter, the partners showed how they prepared the last of 200 pounds of salmon donated to their organization to deliver food to elderly Asian diners.

“With food, we have that as this tool. And that’s a way for us to show our elderly that communities here – that even amongst all this devastating news, there is still hope,” the partners said.

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