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Heart, mom, and sis Camille share simple way to prep crab butter pasta dish

Camille, who said that she used to make the dish a lot before the pandemic said they would be using La Petite Bella’s Crab Butter, a brand they developed.

Bella is actually the name of Heart’s niece.

“Today, we’re making it super easy, super simple. Anyone can make it. Even the ones that aren’t really good in the kitchen,” Camille said.

Camille shared the inspiration for La Petite Bella, and said that it was a combination of her two loves- cooking and her daughter.

As the trio started prepping the dishes, they took a tour down memory lane where Heart’s mom and sis shared stories about their younger years.

If you want to learn how to ace preparing a sophisticated dish like Crab Butter Pasta, and bond with the Ongpaucos as well, check out this video:

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