Ayalas praise Aquino as a 'genuine' leader

Ayalas praise Aquino as a ‘genuine’ leader

The Ayala family has joined the nation in honoring the life and legacy of former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who died Thursday morning aged 61.

One of the major supporters of the Aquino administration, the Ayala Group said they could never forget Noynoy for turning what was once the sick man of Asia to the region’s bright spot through economic reforms.

Ex-president ‘Noynoy’ Aquino dies

“We will remember President Aquino as someone who genuinely aspired and worked hard for the good of the nation and the Filipino. His administration’s focus on good governance and broad reforms ushered in a continuing period of tremendous growth for the country.

Aquino steered the Philippines to its first investment grade credit rating, which opened up more sources of financing, lowered the cost of borrowing and attracted more investments.

“His constant promotion of the Philippines was instrumental in gaining the confidence of the local and international investors, and the broader community of nations,” the Ayalas said.

The Ayala Group went on to say that Aquino’s ” legacy of transparent governance, the patient deliberation of policy and firm stance on championing the welfare of the Filipino will be his indelible mark in our nation’s history.”

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