No ordinary fast food: McDonald’s PH details meticulous preparation of BTS meals

McDonald’s Philippines have specific instructions for their crew on how to cook and pack the BTS meal since its packaging is highly prized by loyal ARMYs.

In an interview on ANC Wednesday (June 23), McDonald’s Philippines marketing head Margot Torres shared the care that goes into preparing each BTS meal.

“We separate the fries –– it’s an iconic McDonald’s packaging –– still, that’s separated because we also don’t want to put any kind of oil,” Torres said. “Even the way the nuggets are cooked, it has to be cooked perfectly so no oil actually affects the packaging of our nuggets.”

She confirmed that the softdrinks cup for the meal is also packaged separately so it doesn’t ruin the BTS-branded paper bag where the meal—consisting of chicken nuggets and fries—is placed.

Some ARMYs have been keeping the packaging of the BTS meal as prized souvenirs, washing and drying them after eating. Other enterprising fans have also put these items on sale.

Despite the instructions for the crew, Torres said McDonald’s doesn’t sanction crew members and riders if the packaging for the meal is ruined by the time it reaches the customer.

“Yes we have very strict instructions but… some things are just beyond the control of the rider. If things don’t work out for that particular delivery, we don’t penalize them,” she said.