Anyare? Union Bank users fume, panic over glitch in crediting fund transfers

Anyare? Union Bank users fume, panic over glitch in crediting fund transfers

Several Union Bank customers are sharing their distress on social media over uncredited fund transfers, which have caused them inconvenience.

Netizen N-May Ebon shared his panic after the “hefty amount of money” he transferred was not credited to the recipient’s account even if it was deducted from his own.

“Hello UB. It’s already beyond banking hours and the amount which failed to transfer, but debited, still, was not reversed. You may, at least, give a heads up or post an advisory regarding the glitch, and assure your clients that it will be fixed as soon as you can. Please do so, so that your clients won’t think that their money have just disappeared out of the thin air,” Ebon said in a Facebook comment on a different post on the Aboitiz-owned bank’s official Facebook page.

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Other netizens voiced out their frustration because there’s no word from Union Bank about the fund transfer glitches.

“Nagbank transfer ako union bank to gcash before 3pm nabawas sa account ko pero walang pumasok sa gcash tapos noong tinawagan successful daw. Tumawag din ako sa gcash wala daw transaction na nangyari. How come. Sana maayos naman di na maliit na halaga yon,” a netizen said.

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User Rowan Grace Abiquibil-Jose recounted a similar problem, saying the transfer from her Union Bank to BPI accounts had an error but was still deducted from her balance even though the other bank account never got the money. “Please fix your system as soon as possible, some of us are depending on our salaries,” she added.

The bank has yet to issue public advisory or apology as of Sunday morning.

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