Swiss miss: Zuellig admits eZConsult server can’t handle deluge of vaccine bookings

Swiss miss: Zuellig admits eZConsult server can’t handle deluge of vaccine bookings

Swiss-owned healthcare services group Zuellig Pharma is getting a lot of flak from irate Quezon City residents after its eZConsult crashed after being overwhelmed by a surge in vaccine bookings on Thursday, June 10.

This was the first day of booking for the A4 priority group for the COVID-19 vaccination roll out which covers economic front liners and personnel who have high levels of interaction with the public, and were needed to ensure security and consumer and worker safety.

Zuellig’s foul-up prompted the Quezon City local government to say sorry as eZConsult’s sheer ineptitude stressed out thousands of residents.

City Hall said the bungled vaccine bookings was solely the responsibility of Zuellig which admitted that it was ill-equipped to handle the job.

“We sincerely apologize for the failure of the eZConsult website to deal with the surge of registration and booking for COVID-19 vaccination yesterday, and for the tremendous inconvenience this has caused you,” the QC LGU said in a statement Friday.

“We were informed by our third-art partner Zuellig that their server was overwhelmed by the deluge of registrants and A4 priority group members eager to book their first dose. We were later told that eZConsult’s system could not handle this volume of concurrent users,” it added.

QC is currently evaluating whether Zuellig could handle the mass vaccine bookings because “our citizens deserve nothing but quality service from our providers.”

QC is looking at other options for online bookings, including assistance from barangays and companies.

It was the Department of Health which sanctioned eZConsult as a vaccine booking app for LGUs.

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