Pera pera lang! Shopee demands P94K from victim of credit card scam

Pera pera lang! Shopee demands P94K from victim of credit card scam

Shopee Philippines wants a victim of credit card phishing to settle a P94,000 bill even if the transactions were confirmed to be fraudulent.

Netizen Maddie Bautista expressed incredulity at Shopee’s payment demand considering her mother was prompt to notify the shopping platform’s customer service that her credit card was used to make an unauthorized purchase.

“I dont want to point fingers but how can a big and established company like shopee let shit like this slide? Its not like they were not given a heads-up right away. THEY WERE. AND STILL, THEY CHOSE TO PROCEED WITH THE FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION. This is not okay at all. No wonder why the scammer was so confident to purchase products with that huge of an amount thru their platform,” Bautista said in a Facebook post.

Bautista said her mother fell victim to a credit card scammer through a phone call on June 3. Upon learning her information was compromised, Bautista said her mom called EastWest bank to immediately block transactions that would be made using her credit card. However, one transaction worth P94,000 was able to proceed.

“While she was talking with the bank, her assistant was on the phone with Shopee. As per shopee’s customer service, they assured my mom that they’re going to make an investigation about the incident,” Bautista narrated.

“But two days ago, June 8,2021, my mom was informed by an employee of EastWest Bank that she has to pay 94,000 php because apparently, Shopee still pushed through with the transaction despite knowing that it was fraudulent,” she added.

According to Bautista, Shopee explained that the P94,000 purchase involved “digital products” that were considered real time.

“So are they saying that in a matter of less than 30 minutes, they were already able to consummate the sale ie., approved the sale and delivered the products????? If that doesnt scream red flag,” she said.

Adding to Bautista’s headache is Shopee’s refusal to provide her information about the buyer, which would help her trace who used her mother’s credit card.

“So you, shopee team, are okay with other people using your platform to scam people BUUUUT when its time for an investigation, you’re all about ~data privacy act~ and cannot release the scammer’s information?” she asked.

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