Joe Bastianich is still at it!

Joe Bastianich is still at it!

The restaurateur and television personality may have quit Masterchef several years ago but he never lost his knack for judging and appreciating good food.

And even without the responsibility of judging food as a job, Joe Bastianich’s passion for food is evident in his daily life as he engages his senses in the aroma of a delicious plate of pasta. He expounds on the beauty of the sense of smell in one post.

“Not only do they guide us, excite us, recall memories and enrich everyday life but … imagine ordering your favorite dish and not smelling its scent?!?! Or worse yet, working in a restaurant kitchen and not being able to hear … NOTHING. Not even if something is burning?!?!” he said.

Bastianich is making a comeback on the popular food show via Masterchef Legends this month.

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