Jollibee fiasco: Netizens feast on Towel Joy memes

Jollibee fiasco: Netizens feast on Towel Joy memes

If there is one thing that Pinoys are great at, its finding humor in any situation. Such is the case for the recent scandal that rocked Jollibee’s Bonifacio Stop Over branch where a customer found a towel in lieu of her order of Chicken Joy for a food delivery.

A barrage of memes naturally came after the unfortunate incident.

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Case in point, a netizen shared Jollibee’s possible reaction from the viral scandal that besieged its brand.

Some poked fun at the “accident” that caused the Towel Joy incident and sought to recreate it at home.

The memes took a life of its own

Even popular games were roped into the meme frenzy.

Some establishments sought to capitalize on the scandal.

One, in particular, became viral and purportedly was created by Jollibee’s main competitor,

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In the photo, McDonald’s claimed that their top rival final threw in the “towel”.

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