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Can’t take a jab: Gretchen Barretto curses while getting COVID-19 vaccine

Barretto uttered some curse words when she was vaccinated against COVID-19 recently.

A video showed Barretto in casual clothes practically hugging the arm of a health worker while another prepared her left arm for a shot. She held on tighter as the needle was going into her skin.

“P****ng I**, sh*t –– sorry,” the long time partner of businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco said.

“Walang sakit. Aray,” Barretto exclaimed. “Sakit ah!”

It’s unclear how the 51-year-old Barretto qualified for the vaccine, as the government is prioritizing the inoculation of medical frontliners, senior citizens and adults with comorbidities. Perhaps she’s part of the last group?

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