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WATCH: Dennis Anthony Uy inspires employees with early Easter Sunday message

In a short video message taped from his home, Uy appealed for patience and cooperation from his workforce regarding new lockdown rules imposed by the government as COVID-19 cases are surging.

“To my dear Converge family: I am sending you this message from my home as my family believes that home is the safest place for all of us right now. While this is disheartening for many, let us be reminded of the true message of Easter, which is faith, hope and love,” Uy said in a YouTube video uploaded March 31, the last working day of the week.

“With all the hard work and perseverance, especially our frontliners who needed to attend our customers, install new lines and do repairs, we have survived in the past year –– not only survived, but we have grown so much,” he added.

Uy urged Converge employees to remain optimistic despite the challenges caused by the pandemic.

“Just as Easter is a celebration of rebirth and new beginnings, let us look at this season as another exciting time for all of us in Converge,” he added, with a reminder for his crew to stay home whenever possible.

Watch the full video here:

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