Netizens call for boycott of Sunnies Studios over unpaid wages

The hashtag #BOYCOTTSUNNIESSTUDIOS trended on Twitter Saturday as a large number of netizens lashed out at the lifestyle company allegedly for non-payment of salaries to some employees.

Sunnies Studios is run by businessman Eric Dee and his wife Bea Soriano and models Georgina Wilson and Martine Cajucom.

“Just when we thought Sunnies Studios couldn’t get more problematic, here are their employees pleading for their final pay na 9 mos nang di nabibigay ng Sunnies Studios. @SunniesStudios ANG BARAT NYO, COMPENSATE YOUR EMPLOYEES YOU CAPITALIST LEECHES,” said @finallyclean117.

“JUST WOW. Overprivileged, out-of-touch, entitled It-Girls ignoring requests for release of separation pay of a Sunnies ex-employee. Bee Soriano-Dee, daughter of Tuguegarao Mayor Jefferson Soriano is the kind of It-Girl who is NOT WORTHY OF EMULATION,” said @MrFrankBaraan.

Angry netizens likewise chided the owners of Sunnies Studios for even pledging to donate 100% of all sales (both local and international) to communities affected by the typhoon.

“You can’t even pay your workers how do we expect u to give 100% sales to those affected?,” @cailie-ase said.

The Tuguegarao City mayor is in hot water for leaving his constituents to celebrate his birthday in Batangas while Typhoon Ulysses battered several parts of Luzon.

“And the audacity of his privileged daughter pledging donations of Sunnies Face sales which will 100% come from the consumers. From violating the Optometrics law to this, said @pa_JAM_a.

“they can donate their own money without us having to buy from them,” said @dhaeyeah

Meanwhile, a former employee from Cagayan said she finally got her final pay from the company.

“Kailangan pa talaga naka social media para mag action sila. All about their image not the quality of their job. #BOYCOTTSUNNIESSTUDIOS pa din,” said @totsnreflection.

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