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4 Nigerians arrested as NBI steps up chase vs P167M UCPB hackers

By Nancy Carvajal

The Nigerians, whose age ranged from 23 years old to 28 years old, claimed to have student visas.

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NBI cybercrime division chief Vic Lorenzo said the raid was enforced by virtue of a search warrant issued as part of their investigation about the recent P167 million cyber heist United Coconut Planters Bank.

Arrested along with the Nigerians in Muntinlupa City was a 28-year-old Filipina who reportedly made several over-the-counter withdrawals at a bank for the syndicate.

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Lorenzo said the NBI has identified other Filipinos who are working with the syndicate and are gathering evidence against them.

“We are in the process of establishing their role in the crime, either the hackers or the syndicate’s men on the ground,’’ Lorenzo said.

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