Sorry not sorry: Cat Arambulo gets bashed for calling stranded commuters ‘motherfu&%ers’

Not so fast Cat!

Social media users reacted with absolute fury to Cat Arambulo’s Instagram story wherein she was heard cursing at the workers who were being arrested by the military for ignoring the government’s lockdown measures.

The social influencer-wife of Century Properties CFO Carlo Antonio ranted about how Filipinos were misbehaving during the Luzon-wide community quarantine imposed by President Duterte.

“Why cant you motherf*ckers just stay at home? Stay at home! Dont you guys get it? Tigas ng ulo. This is exactly why they need the military because you f*ckers wont stay at home…” she was heard saying in the now-deleted Ig story.

Angry netizens piled in to lambast her for such insensitive remarks.

“HOY, CAT ARAMBULO! Those ARRESTED “motherfuckers” did not go out to get sick, to spread #COVID19PH, or to disobey Govt.

Believe it or not, most of them don’t even know why there is a lockdown, & how dangerous the virus is.



Arambulo eventually apologized, but still insisted her point.

“It’s just so frustrating to see that some people who have the option to stay home are still not following the goverment’s efforts,” she said in a statement.

“Again, I’m sorry for how it sounded like but do know I only have the best intentions — our collective safety and that this will end soon.”

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