Margarita Fores keeps Korina Sanchez’s rescued cat

Restaurateur Margarita Fores and TV host Korina Sanchez joined forces to help disaster-stricken animals in Taal.

The UN Ambassador for Gastronomy Tourism responded to cousin-in-law Korina’s post about a rescued cat found during the journalist’s rescue mission in Batangas.

“We were shooting against the backdrop of the volcano in Talisay when we suddenly heard purring from somewhere. The kitten was shading itself from the sun underneath the camera platform. Hungry. Talisay is a virtual ghost town with everyone evacuated. The trees seem dying from the ash fall. We saw dogs left in homes and we are asking permission to take them to safety. Meantime, kitten comes with me in the van. We named her…Taal.????” @korina posted.

To which, Chef Fores commented, “Korina may I keep Taal?” Her next post is the announcement, “Taal is home at my house.”

What a touching rescue story! Mar Roxas is surrounded by strong and kind women! #