Nagmatigas pa! Sid Consunji refuses to pay 3 DMCI condos damaged by Davao quake: Cracks, non-structural damages are normal

Bilyonaryo Isidro Consunji is not paying a single centavo to owners of Verdon Parc and two other DMCI condominiums damaged by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in October 2019.

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In a post by James Patoc (who runs the Facebook page on updates for earthquake victims of Verdon Parc), he claimed that Consunji was adamant that DMCI would consider compensating owners of Ecoland 4000 units but not Verdon Parc, Palmetto Place and Magallanes Residences.

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“During the single time that Mr. Isidro Consunji was given the chance to talk, all he asserted was that they will do the retrofitting plan as per OCBO’s (Office of the City Building Official (Ocbo) demand.

He tried to reason that only Eco4000 has collapsed and the other 3 condo projects were still standing,” said Patoc recalling what happened during a meeting between DMCI condo owners and Consunji and DMCI officials set by President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacanang last January 6.

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“He (Consunji) even said that ‘cracks and non structural damages are expected after an earthquake’. He said something about their generous offer to buyback Ecoland 4000 at acquisition cost, despite the fact that the unit owners have used it already for 12 years, they will not consider to charge rental fees. That’s how Consunji group thinks,” he added.

Patoc praised Duterte for siding with the DMCI condo owners. “Meeting with PRRD (Duterte) was quick, but he was firm and straight forward… PRRD did the talking, but he talk as if he is also a unit owner. He truly understood our sentiments,” said Patoc.

“Even PRRD was quick to remind him (Consunji) that the money paid to them 12 years ago have already been used by Consunji group and could have earned 10 times the value,” he added.

During the meeting, Patoc said Duterte told Consunji he did not want the issue dragged “till kingdom come.”

“He (Duterte) somehow reminded Consunji that he is the president of the people, and he will protect the people from this injustice. And in his words, ‘He will not allow this in his remaining 2 years in office’. His last remarks before he ended the meeting was ‘Mr. Consunji, you think about it’,” he said.

Apparently, Consunji refused to budge until Duterte threatened to shut down DMCI if Consunji does not pay up in a speech on Friday (January 10).

Consunji’s DMCI Homes attempted to weasel its way out of taking responsibility in the few days after the earthquake when it told the Philippine Stock Exchange that only Verdon Parc was its only project in Davao City. Ecoland, Palmetto and Magallanes were built by David Mendoza Consunji- Urban Property Developers Inc. (DMC-UPDI) which is wholly owned and managed by Consunji.