Emma Therese Villar climbs Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain alone

The daughter of Public Works Secretary Mark Villar and DOJ Undersecretary Em Aglipay is one brave girl.

“Emma, at the top of Montserrat. I forget sometimes that she is just three years old. She decided to hike to the top of Monserrat with my sister and her family even without me and Mark. I was intimidated by the heat and the height of the hike and decided to stay down and wait for them. Emma….oh she really is something else—she braved the hike and went ahead despite not having me or Mark. I asked her after what she saw and what it felt like. She said she saw the cross of Jesus, pigeons and a lizard?. She said she prayed for good health for everyone, toys for those who don’t have any and thanked Jesus for this time with me and dad❤️❤️❤️awwww…. About how she felt—she said she felt proud of herself. #emmatheresevillar#montserrat” @emaglipayvillar said.

We’re all proud of our budding mountaineer Emma! #