Xandra Rocha’s quick fix meal for rainy day

Thinking of a good dish to complement the rainy day cuddle weather?

Xandra Rocha is here to the rescue.

The wife of Luis Marcos Araneta shares her quick arroz caldo recipe perfect for the cold weather.

“Cooking up something pretty apt for the rainy weather recently!? This black rice arroz caldo is inspired by the ginger and turmeric-filled goto we had at Goto Monster, and topped with inasal from Bacolod Chicken House Express. It?s actually very easy to make this. Check out the recipe on @nolisoli.ph?s YouTube #nolisoliEATS #nolisoliph,” said @xandrarocha.

Well definitely try this, Xandra! Thanks for sharing!

A beautiful goodbye: Rocio’s tribute to daddy James Olbés

In a poignant Instagram tribute, Rocio Olbes Ressano bid farewell to her beloved father, Rene Ros Olbés, who recently passed away. The heartfelt post included two cherished photos – one capturing her dad in action, showcasing his hands-on nature, and the other, a nostalgic beach moment shared between father and toddler daughter.