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Richest senator claims construction work in Villar’s Boracay condo-hotel project has stopped

The country’s richest senator with a net worth of P3 billion assured the public that her family’s condo-hotel project has stopped.

“I would like to reiterate and stress that all developments in our Boracay investment have long stopped,” said Sen. Cynthia Villar in a statement.

Villar issued the statement after her family’s, Costa Vista Boracay project, was criticized in social media for flattening a mountain and wiping out an entire forest on the island even as the six-month ban on tourism and construction on the island ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte started last April 26.

A video of the construction work was posted on Facebook by Tourism Philippines on May 11:

Rowen Aguirre, Executive Assistant on Boracay Affairs of Malay municipality, confirmed that Villar’s Costa Vista did not have work permits for its P6.6 billion, 21.5-hectare project. Aguirre claimed that the project was ordered to stop contrary.

As chair of the Senate environment committee, Villar said she was committed to protecting and preserving the country’s natural riches especially the efforts to rehabilitate Boracay and restore its pristine environment.

“My duty to our nation is primary and is above and separate from my family’s business interests,” she said.

Villar’s husband is the country’s number five richest Filipino, Manny Villar, and her son Public Works Secretary Mark Villar who is overseeign the road widenign drainage improvemtn system in Boracay.

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